Types of outdoor shade structures

Types of outdoor shade structures

With the rise of outdoor activities and leisure, shade structure has recently seen substantial growth. An outdoor shade structures have become a common sight, from playgrounds to parks and gardens. However, it is important to understand the different shade structures before building one for your space.

Traditional Shade Structures

A traditional sun shade Dubai structure is a piece of outdoor shade equipment made of sturdy material, such as wood, metal, or plastic. It can be a simple frame with awning fabric stretched over it or a more complex one. Such as wooden pergola structures with support structures and retractable canopies.

Traditional shade structures provide moderate to high levels of protection from the sun. This makes them a popular option for outdoor seating areas and other areas where you want to protect yourself from the sun’s rays.

  • Traditional shade structures are easy to erect and can be moved as needed.
  • They also require regular maintenance to keep them looking good.
  • Depending on the type of shade structure you choose, they can be installed on a driveway or in your yard.
  • Regardless of the form factor or materials used, traditional shade structures are a cost-effective way to create a comfortable outdoor space with protection from the sun.

Car Parking Shades

Car parking shade structures are a practical and effective way of protecting cars from the sun, rain, and snow. They can be used in parking lots, outdoor areas of offices, and other similar applications. They provide shelter from the sun and rain while keeping a car cool in the summertime.

  • Besides, car shade structures can be used to protect cars from ice build-up during winter.
  • These structures can be installed quickly and easily with a few tools required.
  • Besides, car shade structures come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit any need.
  • They offer excellent protection from the sun, wind, rain, snow, and other elements, making them a must-have for outdoor spaces.
  • Also, car shade structures provide a safe haven for vehicle occupants during sunny days and warm weather conditions. Thus, they can be a perfect addition to any outdoor space.

Awning Shades

Awning shades provide shade and protection from the sun. They are made of a variety of materials, including fabric, PVC, and metal. Awning shades can be installed indoors or outdoors.

  • Awning shades can be used to create a sheltered area or to provide partial or full shade.
  • Awning shades are an affordable way to protect your property from the sun, rain, and wind.
  • Awning shades are great for outdoor seating areas, pool covers, and other outdoor structures.
  • They can also help reduce the risk of skin cancer and other harmful effects of the sun.
  • Awning shades can help make your outdoor space more comfortable and enjoyable for everyone.

Swimming Pool Structure

A swimming pool sun shade structure is a crucial part of a swimming pool’s overall look. A structure made of the best fabric can provide shade and protection from the sun, making it the best material for outdoor shade.

  • This fabric is water-resistant and UV-resistant, so it can withstand the elements without fading or becoming damaged.
  • In addition to providing shade, a structure made of sunbrella fabric can be a great way to add colour and interest to a pool area.

A structure made of metal or PVC will last longer than a structure made of sunbrella fabric. A structure made from wood will not last as long as one made of metal or PVC, as it is more likely to rot.

If you’re looking for an affordable option, a PVC swimming pool structure is the best choice. It can also be large enough to accommodate extra-large shade structures such as parasols, making it an excellent option for any pool area.

Outdoor Tensile Shades

A Tensile shade is a great option for areas that receive a lot of sunlight. These shades provide privacy and protection from the sun’s intense rays and are easy to install and modify to suit your specific needs.

  • They are durable, recyclable, and easy to use, making them a great choice for outdoor settings of any size. Plus, they’re a cost-effective option that can be used in a variety of outdoor settings, such as patios and porches.
  • With so many benefits, it’s no wonder why tensile shades are so popular among outdoor enthusiasts and consumers.
  • If you’re looking for a shade option that provides shade and privacy without the hassle of ropes or frames, a tensile shade is the perfect option for you.

Out-of-the-way outdoor shade structures are a great option for any outdoor space, offering a range of benefits for both you and the environment.


Besides being a great option for keeping the sun out of your living spaces, shade structures can also add a nice outdoor space to an area that might otherwise not have one. They can also help create a more open-air feel to outdoor areas, making them more welcoming and accessible for everyone.

Additionally, shade structures can help reduce the amount of sunlight that is directly aimed at outdoor areas and can also provide protection from the sun. Contact Sun Shade Gulf– Outdoor shades and tent services is a services offers high quality sun shades.