How do you shade a house from the sun?

Shade a house from the sun – People love winter, especially in a tropical climate, due to the mild temperature. The scorching sun takes a leave for a few months, and winter creates the perfect aura to enjoy various outdoor activities. People arrange family reunions through barbeque parties in the backyard. Similarly, cafes and restaurants can give guests outdoor or rooftop sitting experiences.

But, the fun of enjoying the outdoor activities is short-lived due to the short winter. The summer is back, and the scorching sun has started letting us know its presence. In such a scenario, you should find the best sun shade for house. A good sunshade will keep the outdoor area shaded, cool, and suitable for sitting for a cup of coffee.

In the following section, you can find the most trending and affordable outdoor sunshade options at a glance.

  1. Extra-Large Patio Umbrella

The extra-large patio umbrella is a low-budget option to decorate the pool area in your house. Cafes and restaurants also use them to accommodate their guests in the outdoor areas. The umbrellas add shade for sitting and enjoying a drink of your choice. Besides affordability, easy installation is a significant advantage of these shades.

These shades also have some disadvantages, which include low quality and durability. The shades also lack aesthetic value, as you have many other popular shading options that bring more sophisticated charms to your property.

  1. Pergola

Exterior designers use pergolas extensively in backyard designs due to the versatility that pergolas bring to the buyers. The pergolas are efficient in adding more shade to your outdoor property. On the other hand, they do not block sunlight completely. Therefore, you will enjoy shade without facing the problem of adequate light availability.

Pergola installation is not complicated, though it should be handed to the experts. An efficient installation will ensure a durable service from these outdoor shades. Restaurants and cafes can install pergolas in a canopy shape to increase visual appeal.

  1. Awnings

Awnings are popular in outdoor shading nowadays, and you can find them at both residential and commercial properties. The biggest benefit is that buyers have multiple choices for colorful awning fabrics. You can choose a color and design pattern according to your requirements.

Awning installation is easy and cost-effective. The material does not need regular maintenance and provides durable service to the buyers. So, awnings are the best choice for outdoor decoration nowadays.

  1. Fabric Canopy

A fabric canopy is another attractive choice for outdoor shading. The good thing about fabric canopies is that you can customise the canopy design according to your choice. Moreover, you can choose different fabrics. Some fabrics bring shade and darkness, while others let light penetrate through them.

Fabric canopy installation is not a DIY job, and you should find an expert for installation. Fabric is vulnerable to dust accumulation. Moreover, it can lose color vibrancy and fabric strength after heavy rainfall. The good thing is that buyers can now find waterproof fabrics which last longer than regular fabrics for outdoor shading.

  1. Metallic Roof

You can install metal roofs to protect your concrete and balconies from the sun. However, a metal roof is costly, and the installation cost is also high. A metallic roof is vulnerable to damage due to heat expansion and moisture. However, modern metallic roofs are built to deliver durability and permanent shading solution to buyers.

The problem with the metallic roof is the visual appeal. The visual appeal of this shading solution is average. Therefore, you should not choose the option if you have an outdoor décor in mind.

  1. Plant Fast-Growing Trees

Planting tree is a natural and environment-friendly way of creating outdoor shade. Therefore, you can also consider this option when considering decorating your property’s outdoor space.

Growing trees for outdoor shading has some disadvantages. Firstly, you cannot expect instant results, as even a fast-growing tree will mature in one to two years. Secondly, you should give time to take care of the trees. Lastly, trees shed leaves in different seasons. Cleaning those dry leaves can become a hassle.

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