What Is The Difference Between a Sunshade and an Umbrella?

When you have a large outdoor space and you want to use it well, covering it with a sunshade or an umbrella is important to ensure the scorching rays of the sun do not ruin the day for you. When two objects, items, or properties offer similar features and are designed similarly in ways more than one, you could feel a little confused while trying to decide which one you should opt for. This is the kind of dilemma an individual could face when they have to choose between a sunshade and an umbrella.

When You Have To Choose?

When an individual has an outdoor space, they would want to utilize it properly. While everybody likes a bit of sunshine, the rays emanating from the sun could get very harsh at times and that’s when you realize the importance of having something at your disposal that would protect you from the scorching rays of the sun.

While looking for a shade structure to safeguard them from the bright and harsh rays of the sun, homeowners try to get their hands on something that is sturdy, durable, convenient to install and proves to be effective in blocking the rays coming from the sun.

When people want a shade structure that is strong and also comes at an affordable price, they get two prominent options to choose from, patio umbrellas and sunshade sails. While both options are equally popular, some prefer one over the other for different reasons or because of their personal preferences.

Which One Is Better?

When you have to choose between a sunshade sail and a patio umbrella, the first question that could come to your mind is which of the two is better. It would not be fair to say that one is better than the other as each of these two items has their own distinctive features and properties that make them unique and appeal to different set of consumers.

Before an individual decides on buying a sunshade sail/ pergola louver or a patio umbrella, they should have some basic information about the two and understand the different ways in which these two items operate and prove to be useful to homeowners.

What is a Sunshade Sail?

A sunshade sail can be best described as a shade structure that is utilized by both individual homeowners and business organizations to create a cover or protective layer around patios, swimming pools, and other outdoor spaces that get exposed to the rays of the sun.

A sunshade sail is mostly constructed out of material that is highly strong and durable and features a triangular or square-like shape. The edges of a sunshade sail are fitted or put in place through rings. This mechanism helps in keeping a sunshade sail fixated on a building or post.

Advantages of Using a Sunshade Sail

Here are some of the most prominent advantages of investing in a sunshade sail:

  • Appealing Design

Apart from triangular-shaped sunshade sails, one also comes across square-shaped sails. Since they come in a range of colours, one gets many options to choose from. A house owner can choose the right sunshade sail after having a look at the outdoor aesthetics of their house. A sunshade sail doesn’t look appealing only when it is not installed in the right manner.

  • Coverage

A sunshade sail proves to be most suitable for outdoor areas where a lot of space is needed. Apart from swimming pools, a sunshade sail works very well for patios and sprawling gardens. When you use a waterproof sunshade sail, you can be sure about protecting yourself from the rain.

What is a Cantilever Umbrella?

A cantilever umbrella can be best described as an umbrella that remains suspended in the air and receives support from the corners and not from the centre. It is a device that is known for offering proper shelter from the rays of the sun. These are linked to a mast standing freely at one of the corners. When it moves or rotates, it works towards blocking the sun. These days, the majority of cantilever umbrellas are constructed with materials that are not just durable but also resistant to harsh weather conditions and ultraviolet rays.

Advantages of Using a Cantilever Umbrella

Here are some of the most prominent advantages of investing in a cantilever umbrella:

  • Easy Installation

Whenever a large device or instrument has to be installed in an outdoor space, homeowners tend to get a little stressed. However, there is no need to worry when you are about to install a cantilever umbrella. While a sunshade sail has to be anchored properly, no such process is involved in setting up a cantilever umbrella.

  • Adjustable

A lot of homeowners prefer using a cantilever umbrella owing to all the adjustable options it comes with. It is attached to a base and a post and can be easily moved or tilted to ensure the rays of the sun do not hit the patio. Shifting a cantilever umbrella from one place to another, too, is a very convenient process.


Both a sunshade sail and a cantilever umbrella have their pros and cons. If mobility is your primary concern, a cantilever umbrella might work better for you. However, if you are looking for a device that offers some kind of permanence and long-term protection from the harsh rays of the sun, investing in a sunshade sail would be a better idea. When it comes to durable sunshade sails, Sun Shade Gulf provides the best options.