How to Keep House Cool in Summer?

The method of keeping your house cool even amidst the extreme summers isn’t one but many. Yu derives maximum effectiveness only when you combine several solutions. We have brought you a compilation of all the best quick fixes like car park sunshade and other such solutions to keep yourself and your house comfortable that are proven and tested by experts from all across the world.

Let us have a look at all the best possible ways to keep your dwelling cool, comfortable, and soothing even during the scorching heat.

Invest in Sunshades to Maintain a Cool Temperature of Your House

Nothing compares the magic and effectiveness of a sun shade during the summers. By coming under the shade, you will notice the difference and it almost feels there is an approx. 15 degrees drop in the temperature than when standing under the sun. You can bring about a dramatic change on your house and yourself when you can minimize the quantity of the sun’s radiation that you are exposed to. By adding a sunshade, you can keep your house cool for a longer duration.

Grow Your Shade through Landscaping

While using both trees and plants to keep your house cool isn’t something extraordinary, when combined with an assortment of methods, it can bring about the optimum impact that too inexpensively. When you take the help of trees to cover your house roof, you can see the dramatic reduction in temperature to as much as 7-10 degrees. However, it doesn’t imply that you have to keep yourself covered in thick foliage. Something simple as a tree can bring about a huge difference in keeping your house cooler if planted at the correct side and angle.

Consider Adding Energy Efficient Windows Covering

A large proportion of the sun rays that fall on your double-pane standard house windows and enters through the same develop into heat. The experts suggest that half of the cooling needs of a commercial building are based on the solar heat that is gained from the windows. When you keep the window coverings shut during the hot months, you can succeed in reducing the heat rise. Shop for pale and neutral-colored window coverings as it will prove helpful in radiating the solar rays followed by the heat that accompanies them inside.

Use Insulation to Keep Your House Cool

The science of insulation is often forgotten and left aside, but it acts as the best cooling agent during the summers. The heat oscillates from warmer to cooler unless there is no longer any difference in the temperature. This implies that the gained heat during the hotter months should be forced out through your cooling solution. Accurate insulation will minimize the heat flow by offering a powerful resistance to the heat flow. This will not only keep your house cool during the hotter months but would also work in keeping them warm during the colder days.

Keep Your Windows and Doors Open

The first thing that you must do when you wake up in the morning is to open the doors and the windows open. Also open them in the late noon hours, once the hottest part of the day is gone. The idea is to let the air evade through your home. And were you aware that the air that is moving is way cooler than the air that is still? To make breezing in moving past your air, open the windows at your house’s opposite ends with doors kept open in between. This will enable the air to freely move through your house. The night is the apt and accurate time to keep your windows open as the air is coolest at this time.

Shop for House Plants

House and indoor plants are enjoying all the hype at the moment and for all the good reasons. It is because they add to your house’s aesthetic appeal and keep positive vibes on. Apart from de-stressing your mind, house plants can also contribute to keeping your house cool, given how they double up as natural air-conditioner which produces moisture into the atmosphere. So having a couple of house plants is an inexpensive way of keeping your house cooler this summer.

Switch Off the Appliances That Are Not in Use

You can save tonnes of money and succeed in minimizing heat output keeping your appliances off when they are not being used, especially your television and computer. The entire process of switching off multiple appliances can be made hassle-free when all of them are connected to a single power strip. Avoid using dryers, washers, oven and other such appliances which generates heat during the day’s hottest parts.

Take Help of Awnings

The experts involved in energy claims that nothing minimizes solar heat gain better than awnings. The temperature rises solely because of the sun’s rays by as much as 65%. Awnings can help you save cooling energy as little as 26% during hotter temperatures. It saves 33% of cooling energy in more temperate climates where an air-conditioner is a must.

Apart from this, you must always install a car parking shade to keep your car cool during the summers. Rest, follow these points and tricks to keep your house cooler and comfortable. Always be mindful of where you are investing your money. Elements like sunshade are rather flexible and sophisticated and with them, you can have the choice of blocking the sun partially and completely.