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parking shades

Anyone would go to great lengths to protect their vehicle from exterior or interior damage as a car owner. However, the sun’s UV rays are one of the major causes it may face. As a result, everyone prefers to park their vehicle in a shady area or a parking shed. Due to the extreme weather conditions in the UAE, there is a high demand for car parking shades in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and throughout the UAE.

parking shades
Parking shades

However, as the population grows, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find space for parking under shade in commercial and residential areas.


Choose a Location for Your Shade


Make the most of your seasonal heat by choosing a location for your shade. Additionally, check with the council or local authorities to ensure that you have permission to construct your parking shade. Then, most importantly, locate all of your utilities in the city. Water, gas, sewers and other pipes may be present in your work area and cause issues later.


Select a Parking Shade Design


These are a few examples of car parking shade designs. Depending on your needs, these car shed designs can be made from various parking materials and fabrics.


  • Awnings Shade IN UAE-Dubai
  • Single pole umbrella shaped shade
  • Wave shape shade
  • Cone type shade
  • Pyramid style shade


Our car parking shades are high-quality materials, ensuring long-term durability and dependability. Under the supervision of our skilled craftsman and engineers, the fabric and material are designed to ensure that the car parking shade fabric offers maximum protection and safeguard against high temperatures and extreme climatic conditions. After analysing car parking shade drawings, our engineers recommend the parking shed’s design, fabric, and material.


The client can also suggest car park shade designs or provide CAD drawings so that our engineers can finalise the structure, fabric, and raw materials for the car park shades. A highly professional team is required for a long-lasting car shade tent. Being Car Parking Shades Suppliers Dubai we construct dependable car parking tents that can withstand harsh sunlight and rain for years to come.



If you’re looking for a dependable option that does the job right the first time, our car parkin shade is the ideal solution! Sun Shade Gulf, the best Car Parking Shed Suppliers in Dubai has provided car parking shades for over a decade and high-quality customer service and products to meet any need or desire at an affordable price.